Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Carnival in Rijeka

Rijeka, January 17 – February 25

This year’s Carnival will be packed with events and will feature more than 10,000 participants in traditional Carnival Parade taking place the last day.

Carnival in the city of Rijeka has become one of the biggest and most popular in Europe. Every year, it is a host to more than 150 domestic and international groups that take part in the final parade at the end of the celebrations. It is estimated that the Carnival will attract more than 150,000 spectators this year, with the number of tourists growing as it becomes known in more and more countries. Events will include Queen Pageant of Rijeka’s Carnival, Children’s Carnival Parade which has become city’s trademark as well (taking place one week before the final parade), concerts in specially built tents with performances of well known artists, exhibitions, carnival dancing-ball for dignitaries, sport events including car-rally, unique for its kind in Europe, and much more.

The only way to really experience this one of a kind Carnival, is to be there and take part in its festivities.

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