Monday, November 08, 2010

Dubrovnik Sightseeing – View History in Modern Style

The city of Dubrovnik is located at the coast of Adriatic Sea. Its beaches attract large number of tourists from all over the world. Besides beaches and water activities, travelers also love Dubrovnik sightseeing. The city is one the most famous and attractive cities in Mediterranean and has been inscribed on UNESCO’s list of world heritage sites.

Dubrovnik sightseeing includes well preserved historical and cultural heritage. City is easily accessible by air from almost all major European cities and by ferries from Croatian cities, islands and towns. You can also enjoy your journey on ferry while traveling from Italy. You’d come across number of walls while exploring the city.

Sveti Vlaho (Saint Blaise) is the patron saint of the city. Hence you’d see lot of statues of Saint Blaise around the city. The city is home to many old buildings. Arboretum Trsteno is the oldest arboretum in the world and holds the peak position in the list of Dubrovnik Sightseeing. Visit Little Brother’s Church to see third oldest European pharmacy which is still operational.

Take short boat ride from Dubrovnik and reach Lacroma Island. You’d see a botanical garden and a monastery still survive from the ear of Mexican Emperor Maximilian. The Napoleonic fort still stands on the island to tell the history silently. Besides history, Lacroma Island is also includes a forest vegetation and natural reserve and a naturist beach. “Walls of Dubrovnik” is another attraction in Dubrovnik Sightseeing. The walls were made in 7th century in order to protect citizens of the city.

During Middle Ages, limestone was used to construct the wall. Present day city core was built around the area in 11th century. The walls has Dubrovnik has four gates namely Gate of Pila, Gate of Ploca and Gate of Buza. You’d find well equipped complex in Pila gates. There are multiple doors in the complex and other notable sites are Gothic arches, wooden drawbridge, and statue of Saint Blaise. In Gate of Ploca, you can visit freestanding Revelin Fortress connected by wooden drawbridge.

Dubrovnik sightseeing is incomplete without visiting the forts of the city. There are several forts in Dubrovnik however; beauty of Fort Bokar is unparalleled. The two story casemate fortress was the key point in Pila Gate’s defense. St. John’s Fortress is another popular fort in the city. On the ground floor you can see an aquarium with fishes inside from different parts of Adriatic Sea. As you go upstairs, ethnographic and maritime museum are there on the upper floors. Maritime museum features Second World War’s technique of navigation and sailing.

Festivals of the city are another attractions for excursionists apart from Dubrovnik sightseeing. Visit from July 10th to august 25th every year and be a part of the celebration of Dubrovnik summer festival that features rich performances of opera, theater, classical music and traditional dance.

Rich cultural life of Dubrovnik is evident from its theaters, cinemas and traditions. Another aspect of Dubrovnik sight seeing is people-watching while sipping coffee in the café on the Stradun.


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