Friday, October 06, 2006

Split, Croatia

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Split is a proud and unique capital of Dalmatia, situated in the warmets region of the northern Mediterranean coast and in the immediate vicinity of the rivers Jadro and Zrnovnica.It has lived its urban rhythm for as long as 1700 years with its heart in Diocletian Palace. The city was protected by UNESCO and entered into the register of the World Cultural Heritage.
The industrial, university and business centre of the region nourishes its "green soul" on the hill Marjan situated in the westernmost part of the peninsula.
Its forested park infringed by the city and the sea offers pleasant walks away from the city noise under the pines by the sea.
The first inhabitant of Split was the Roman emperor Diocletian who started to build his palace in its beautiful bay around 239 AD. After his abdication he withdrew to this luxurious palace of about 30 thousand square meters. The following turbulent centuries made the palace into a town first populated by the nerby Salona, fleeing before Avars and Slavs. The town overgrew the walls of the palace and its authorities kept changing-from Croatian kings in 10th century AD, Hungarian and Venetian administration, to French rulers and Austro-Hungarian monarchy. Such past left its traces combined in the town everyday life. The city, however , went on remaining the centre of this part of the coast till our day. This mixture of historic layers makes a part of the citys' originality.
The big city today lives by the silent beats of history,lively spirit of the young and its particular Mediterranean charm.
When visiting Split, one of the must see places is the city museum which serves as an endless story leading from the streets in which history lives with the breath of the present,as well as numerous galleries.
Where to stay?
Beside the city hotels like Hotel Art, Adriana, Consul, Jadran, Marjan, Peristil, there are great possibilities of comfortable accomodation in luxuriously furnished and fitted family houses and apartments.
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