Thursday, September 23, 2010

Istria – Truffle days

No gourmet in the world can be called one if they have never in their life tried truffles, the gourmet jewel of Istria. Truffles, mushrooms that grow underground are a trademark of Istria, and the people of Istria show their appreciation of it by jelaously guarding the recipes of dishes with truffles. The opportunity to get to know the real wealth of the truffle in every possible gastro combination is presented at Truffle days, which are held accross Istria during the autumn.

The truffle is an unusual, tuberous growth that grows underground, with an unsightly shape and an intensive odor. This rare and expensive tuber that grows in the fertile Istrian soil is a real culinary delight. The Istrian white truffle is one of the most respected in the world.

The culinary value of the truffle was discovered by old Romans; during the five centuries long rule of Venice, Motovun forrest carried the name St. Mark’s forrest and only individuals were allowed to remove truffles from its soil. With tha changing of rulers and the arrival od Austro-Hungary, the truffle could only reach one destination – the Viennesse court. However, even up until today it has been considered an exclusive delicacy – a peak of gastromomy. It is not visible above ground and can only be found by
specially trained dogs or pigs.

Istria has two types of soil; intensive dark red on the coast and grey, greasy, clay-like in the central part. Truffles grow in this grey land and the epicentre is in the damp Motovun forrest, through which runs the River Mirna. The truffle zone extends northeast to the towns Buzet and Lupoglava and southeast along the River Raša on Labinština and south to Pazinština.

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