Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Karlovac - Meet the City on four rivers

The city of Karlovac has recently introduced an interactive guide,available to visitors on their mobile phones. Touring around this city on four rivers, visitors can find out everything about its cultural and culinary offering, events, accommodation possibilities, entertainment and get around the city with the help of an interactive map. Thanks to the mobiExplore, you will literally have in the palm of your hand all information about the history of Karlovac, its eminent figures, and its cultural and historical monuments.

Karlovac is located around 50 km from the capital Zagreb. It is situated on four rivers – Korana, Kupa, Mrežnica and Dobra – which
certainly contributes to its special atmosphere. The renaissance
city core is formed like a six-pointed star and would later develop
into a baroque city. Out of the many monuments – historical buildings,museums and cultural institutions, a special place belongs
to the old city of Dubovac, ruled by the counts Frankopan and
Zrinski in the 15th and 16th century, and later by Karlovac generals.

The tallest tower of the old city, located above the river Kupa,
functions as a lookout spot and harbours an exhibition.
The four rivers and surrounding forests have contributed to the
development of active vacationing: visitors can enjoy hunting, fishing,biking trails, rafting, canoeing or the educational hiking trail Kozjača, along which visitors can get to know the rich flora of this region.

In this, the mobiExplore application will certainly be useful, as it
informs visitors to Karlovac about its beauties and monuments
through their mobile phones. MobilExplore, for which the experts
of the Split-based company Gideon have received many international
awards, has already conquered many European and world cities. Visitors to destinations in Great Britain, Italy and many other
countries are getting around with the help of mobilExplore now.

More information about Karlovac:

Karlovac County Tourist Board - www.tzkz.hr

City of Karlovac Tourist Board - www.karlovac-touristinfo.hr

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