Tuesday, November 25, 2008

The heart of nature - a country estate near Karlovac

The village tourist estate Srce prirode (The Heart of Nature) has been opened in Gorica Lipnička, around twenty kilometers from the town of Karlovac. This family village estate spreads over 12 thousand square meters and contains three autochthonous renovated houses. The accommodation part of the estate offers nine rooms (18 beds), and the guests can also use a restaurant seating 80 people, a wine tasting facility, a gazebo and a tavern seating 50 people. The family estate offers eco food such as different kinds of honey, juices, wines, cured meats, etc. The meals in the restaurant are prepared according to old recipes. Two conference halls are equipped with modern technology. In addition, visitors to
the estate can engage in the following activities: paintball, Village Olympics, culinary workshop, speleo-adventure, football, archery, volleyball, badminton, boccie and berry picking. The owner of the estate also happens to own the 4-star family hotel Korana in Karlovac, a historic and attractive town located around fifty kilometers from Zagreb, with the old town of Dubovac as its trademark.

The hotel is located on Korana River, one of the four rivers in Karlovac, offering 15 double rooms and 3 business suites, as well as gastro, recreation and other offers.

Karlovac County Tourist Board

Karlovac Tourist Board

Seosko imanje Srce prirode & Hotel Korana

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